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New ideas for pools and hot tubs come from an innovative italian company: Preformati Italia. Thanks to their use of EPS, expanded polystyrene, an extremely versatile lightweight engineering plastic material, Preformati can customize hot tubs, steam rooms, steam baths, heated benches, Kneipp path and every element of a spa.

Health is Wealth

The word Wellness is used to mean a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit which gives a general feeling of well-being. The meaning also covers a positive approach to health care that is the prevention of disease to prolong life without waiting to treat a disease once manifested.

The concept of Wellness was formulated for the first time in the ’50s in the United States, when a doctor proposed “an integrated method of practices oriented to maximize the potential for which the individual is capable. It requires that the individual maintain a continuum of balance and a definite direction within the environment in which they live to reach higher levels of functionality. ”
In any case, the word wellness has become commonly used only since the ‘70s (for more info on the history)
And now there are few who have never spent a little time to soak in “spa” pools and hot tubs?

Since the mid-19th century in the Western world due to the economic growth the basic needs of people, filling their bellies and having a roof over their heads, were satisfied and a new portion of the population, the affluent middle class, found time and resources to devote themselves to their health and personal care: holidays, fitness and sports, diets and Spa.

Also, the pressure of business today, with its fast pace, exposes us to physical and psychological stress, the origin of many diseases: it is essential for each of us to take time to relax and recharge the batteries. Eat healthily, take moderate exercise, taking time to relax at home, in the garden or in the high quality SPA.

A new hot tub: Acca2One

And this is the market segment that Preformati Italia covers with its products, to meet the welfare needs of its customers. In particular, the new hot tub for two Acca2One, has an exclusive design that fits with both the interior of a house, in the garden or terrace.

The hot tub is made entirely of high density EPS that is 100% recyclable, and is equipped with a ecological system water tub and a small bioethanol fireplace, to remind us that just as opposites, water and fire, reach harmony with such a good result, we can always find our balance at any moment of the day with a swim in the pool or hot tub!


(This article written by Rosella Gianesin is reproduced under licence from Energitismo Limited)


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