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Turning into the Via Trionfale market I came across a kohlrabi (German turnip), an intriguing autumn vegetable that stimulated my curiosity.

The kohlrabi is cultivated all over the world and lends itself to the most varied recipes, it is good both raw and cooked. But today it is raining and the cold weather begins, so I would prefer it cooked.

Cooking it is very simple. First it is blanched for a few minutes and then, after peeling it, it is allowed to cool. At this point, cut it into cubes and stir-fry with a little garlic and pepper. It’s ready just like that.

But a cabbage alone makes for sadness. It seems more like a slimming diet than a good meal to be enjoyed among friends with a good wine. It is true that some say that the kohlrabi plus Vitamin C is an anti-tumour recipe, but still having it alone makes me sad.

I started thinking and I imagined it as an accompaniment to a pork tenderloin with a red wine sauce. So here is a special recipe for pork fillet and kohlrabi.

In the cellar I had a Gattinara, a Nebbiolo of Vercelli, a land of much good rice and good wines. It had already been for some time that I was trying to pair it with a different dish.

Preparation of pork fillet and kohlrabi:

In a pan I prepared the wine sauce and let the wine cook with a teaspoon of honey and sugar, oil and a sprig of rosemary. Then a pinch of flour.

A Strepitoso oil from Vetralla was brought to me! It has just been squeezed and this gives it a special fragrance. It still has the senses of the lawn and fresh olives. It is a true joy and this oil of Tuscia automatically reminds me of the Etruscans and makes me feel even more attentive to flavours that have been handed down for millennia.

I do not take the sauce to full reduction as I use it as a slightly liquid sauce. It will serve later with the pork.

The meat was given to me by my friend the butcher: fillet medallions of pure Italian pig raised on the open ground feeding on the fruits of the forest. A true delight with which every dish takes on a special flavour.

I take the fillet medallions and cook them separately on the grill. As soon as cooked, I pass them into the pan with the sauce and raise the gas for a little while.

Serve the medallions on a plate accompanied by the kohlrabi.

It is in the glass that Gattinara shows all his charisma. My friends will be very happy with this evening!

Dario Magno

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