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A programme dedicated to those who want to find and experience their place of origin


DURATION: one day, or two days on specific request

CUSTOMERS: all people of Italian heritage abroad who want to know better the place of origin of their family

OBJECTIVE: Respond to the need of people to personally experience their heritage and to recreate bridges between their distant home and the home of their souls



It has been estimated that about 80 million Italians and Italian descendants live abroad. There are several ways these people can get in touch with their places of origin – such as social media, TV, telephone and skype. Yet each of these is limited in linking culture, in remembering ‘home’, in living just for a short while the life of their heritage / being truly Italian again.

For the third generation onwards, contact has become increasingly challenging due to language and culture differences as well as a very pragmatic feature – the lack of information about the thousands of small towns of Italy, the original homes of most of these ‘distanced’ Italians.

Yet a growing number of people are searching within themselves to get to know the history of their family and go to their place of origin, maybe to a country barely mentioned on the maps. Towns that are often not even spoken of in Italian.

We address these people – these searchers

Discover and Savour Your Roots Program

What we do? Through affiliated travel agents, clubs, associations and social media, we find people who have a nascent urge to find their roots

  • Planning


    • Our first contact is a questionnaire and an interview about their town and the family
    • We visit the town for photographs, stories and heritage registry
    • Define, together with the clients, possible dates for the visit
    • We make a second visit to the town for detailed organization of the date and planning the experience.
  • Discovery Day


  • Pick Up and Arrival by car to the village
  • Visit to the municipality – learn about the town since they emigrated
  • Visit around the old village – finding home
  • Meeting with local people
  • Lunch in a trattoria or in a local family with traditional enogastronomy
  • Visit in the surrounding countryside and villages according to client preferences
  •  Return (or maybe join the village in a late afternoon at the local café)

Follow Up

    • Memories of the visit and the town compiled into a book in digital or full colour paper format
    • Photographic history
    • Share their story (with a little help from our writers)
    • Connections – new and renewed