‘Tourism among Desks’

Have you ever tried to look at your town with the eyes of a traveller?

Try and you’ll live new experiences, you’ll see unnoticed details that you’ve never thought about and you’ll listen to amazing stories told by people you thought you knew.

And after you’ve tried to live in the shoes of a tourist you’ll learn to love what you already have even more, your town will be you “shared sentimental asset” and you’ll take care of it as if it where your most prized possession.

If you play this role playing game with kids and teenagers, the outcome will be even more surprising because a lot of young small business owners in the tourism industry that will be able to offer more complete experiences and services to the passing traveller, tourist or temporary citizen. 

We at Discoverplaces have created a specific program for elementary school and high-schools, using roleplaying games, literary contests and digital mediums to teach students. 

If you’re a school interested in the program “Turismo tra i Banchi” we can help you study the best way to involve your students.

Write to our program manager for more information on the School Program: roberta@discoverplaces.travel