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The story of Greece is the story of the foundation of grand sculpture and architecture. Energitismo is drawn to Greece as iron is to a magnet.

It is not just to the many beautiful islands for the blue seas, sun and wonderful fresh seafood, but virtually everywhere on the mainland and islands seeking archeological treasures and the linkages to art of today, especially sculpture.

Among the modern day sculptors there are many who work with marble and similar stone replicating antiquity in expressive beauty, but it is not with these that we want to excite your interest.

In Athens, in the old market area of Plaka, that one looks down on from the Parthenon, perched on the Acropolis high above and enjoying the love of faithful and spirited restoration, we find Apostol. He is a sculptor of bronze with a love of Greek history, music and the sea running through his veins, that love having been inculcated into his works with the spirit of crystal glass. His freedom to create comes from days sat by the sea waiting for the fish to leap.

Half way to Thessalonika, and approaching Mount Olympus, is Greece’s third city, Larissa, in a large plain, that is a centre for agriculture, with mountains in the distance in nearly all directions. Here we find Hippocrates at rest and the vibrant Antonis Karakonstantakis who we met on Skiathos, the home island of his wife. Antonis settled his creative spirit in Larissa, bringing his wife and leaving his native Crete. Here he rebuilds antiquity in miniature with unique mosaic sculptures created from the stone collected when he roams the surrounding mountains.

The road east from Larissa takes us down in less than an hour to the ancient port of Volos, where Jason launched his ships with the Argonauts in search of the Golden Fleece (found 2,500 years later on the back of merino sheep in Australia). Volos is the launching point for the Sporades islands including Skiathos. From 28 March it is holding the 4th Dialogues exhibition, linking Greek and Italian artists, and where Luciana Bertorelli from Savona is presenting her ceramic sculpture.

Gavin Tulloch

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