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Senses and colours: what are needed, and what is superfluous?

Can we measure with a common meter what is necessary or unnecessary? This may be an absurd question because, perhaps, nothing is really necessary or really superfluous, but everything is useful and can become effectively essential.

Once again, Nature, helps us to rediscover the exact evaluation.

Nature, in fact, is luxurious and elegant: senses and colours, scents and flavors are multiplied. What’s better than a fruit in which every sense finds its satisfaction? A peach, soft and velvety to the touch, deliciously scented, solid and soft in the pulp, rich in salts and sugars, keeping inside many of the needs of man -a smorgasbord of senses and colours.

The need of nourishment and the superfluity of senses and colours, scent, plasticity, that is, all that while not being essential, still makes everything seem to be really essential. All of Nature is luxurious, so needless: the colours of the dawn and sunset, those of flowers and fruits and their perfumes, the luster of precious stones, so that you should identify the luxury that calls for a search for beauty as Nature’s answer to a real need for self-representation.

And the recognition of such beauty and elegance is necessary for the man who sorts through them separating the necessary from the unnecessary, elegant from ostentatious without soul, admiring the senses and colours.

Yet,why do we wish to deny nature, to minimalise its gifts, to modify its abundance? In art, minimalism and abstractism transform colours of nature. Other contemporary modes attempt to excel beyond nature. Yet some art adores the colours of nature, reflecting them in ways that the eye sees. Impressionism and expressionism in their many variations have sought to amplify nature, an impossibility, simply in the eye of the beholder, whether rationally or irrationally, or in the mind of the artist seeking to shun photographic repetition. And what of the senses? Nature has been modified by chemists of originally Germanic, with chemicals that simplified the sense avoiding the true complexity and natural aging. I prefer nature’s senses and colours.


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