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Images of sensual women nestle within the soft curves of glass that forms almost ‘cages’ in which the female figure is enhanced but becomes unreachable. This is the Massimiliano Caldarone universe and the line of sensual goblets that he launched at the former Church of Santa Chiara Murano  as the glass centre on Murano.

Massimiliano is a master of lamplight technique and ‘Muranese’ by adoption because this is where he chose to live and work. His style is unique and combines modern glass sculpture with the lamplight technique to form classical shapes of goblets.

From his works we understand that creativity is born from a life lived ‘in bites’, one of those on which we should make a film. Massimiliano wanders amid the experiences of life and between different places in search of a peace that only art can give. Art is able to absorb all the torments and to find the beauty even when it seems impossible.

Massimiliano Caldarone has never had a real home except in his hands as he shapes the glass billets to compose sculptures. Lamplight is the technique where you take the thin colored glass rods, heats one end and you begin to create objects by composing colours and shaping forms. Once the work is complete it is put in the oven for annealing.

Those who love this technique love the fire that softens the glass. There is a subtle pleasure in seeing how the flames give birth to beauty. The element of nature that seems to be the destroyer instead becomes the creator. From ‘evil’ comes good.

It seems a simple technique, but to become a master is a very long road. A master cannot explain what is that fraction of a second when the soft molten glass can still be modeled to assume the forms desired by the artist and not yet rejecting the work of the man. It is one millisecond, but it takes years to find that point in time. And the years mean patience and total dedication.

Massimiliano began to live alone 15 years running away from home, how could he find the peace of that age. He still had a long road in front of him, so many experiences and so many people to meet before he would be ready, before lowering his head and devoting himself to creativity. A rejection of his defiant personality in order to learn. Eventually the swagger can come back, but then the works speak for him.

The first time he came to Murano he was 17, was already living alone for a couple of years, and he thought he was already a great artist. Murano was the centre of the art world of glass and few would have welcomed with open arms a long-haired kid who boldly presented himself at various kilns in search of work.

Today he is back and lives in Murano but the situation is totally different. His works and the sensual goblets are on display at the Former Church of Santa Chiara – Murano Experience. His works are sought after by those who love beauty and choose to live immersed in artistic objects.

The Former Church Santa Chiara is a newly opened exhibition space and was created rebuilding a former church deconsecrated by Napoleon. In it, and in the garden you can admire the glass artists at work and see a great gallery of the best arts and crafts creations of the area.

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