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We are always happy to go to the meetings of the Albano Laziale committee, we meet many interesting people but above all we learn from the data analysis of the central office of the plan. A few thoughts from the meeting of 14 September.

A city that must transform its economy and its social structure, orientating itself more and more towards being a service centre for tourists. What kind of tourist? Certainly not the mass tourists linked to tour operators or organized associations. There is no receptivity but above all now only less than 20% rely on agencies and most of those who travel to towns choose a trip independently by going on the web.

Data on the progress of tourism in Europe and in Italy tell us that there are more and more independent tourists.

This meeting concerned the first conclusions after the meetings with the stakeholders and the first data collected in a few months of work.

It is a complex situation especially for the position of Albano Laziale that sees it as a funnel through which pass most of the mobility of all those who go from Rome to the Castelli Romani.

But the most surprising figure is that of the level of education of the residents. A surprisingly low figure that allows us to reflect on the actions needed to be taken. The risk is that the level of education of the tourist is so relatively high as to create a communication barrier. The risk is to appear more and more like the Italians told about in jokes abroad. 

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