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It was 16th September. Civita Castellana is well worth a mass! With this spirit we ventured along the Via Francigena for a survey of the towns that are crossed by this historical path.

I remember when I was at the university and they began the first meetings for the re-establishment of the Via Francigena with the recovery of the tracks, the signs and the first communications.

I would never have believed that we would have come to see its birth and then witness its so rapid growth.

Via Francigena today is a true reality and is travelled every day by thousands of people – pilgrims. Many other paths have been born and many towns ask to have paths called Via Francigena, especially for the part of the stretch of road to the south that connects Rome with Brindisi from which pilgrims embarked for the Holy Land.

We went to find it to be able to discuss it following seeing a programme by the Viterbo Chamber of Commerce for the enhancement of their province.

Most beautiful!

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