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Berlin, March 18, 2018 – Rain

For weeks we have been looking forward to escaping the daily stress of the German capital, taking a flight to warmer places and here thanks to this Contest my trip to Sicily comes back to me.

In a short time our plane will arrive in Catania, the city at the foot of the world famous volcano that I wanted to visit with a great desire since my childhood.

3000 years of European culture, the root of all the cultures that have shaped the country since its dawn, the homeland of the mafia, the one painted in the films, mind you.

But above all a coveted place for many people from the north looking for culture and sun.

Finally we are on the plane, 2 hours of flight. The clouds open, the pilot announces the landing and in a few minutes the great volcano opens in front with a hat made of smoke.

I’m overwhelmed!!

Our great fortune lies in having met our best friends years ago, Berliners of Italian origins who accompany us on this journey, designed especially for us by Take it Slowly.

For my friend, coming to Sicily and especially to Catania, which was the cradle of his parents and his affections (I read it on his face) is a great emotion and his heart still beats for this nostalgic place.

We get out of the plane, the spring air embraces us. A smile creeps on all faces.

The first car ride to Catania is a cultural shock.

That in Italy motorists drive differently than in Germany, I had often found it during my visits to northern Italy, but here in Sicily there seem to be no rules: except that whoever brakes first loses.

But strangely I realize that nothing goes wrong here, somehow we arrive without any damage to our accommodations. Haha!

In the following days we explore the island, culture, monuments, ancient places: I can finally discover all the places that I have dreamed of in my books since childhood and youth.

In fact there are many things that catch my attention: markets, restaurants, pizzerias, hospitable and friendly people in every corner.

Prices are moderate, first class quality at prices we would never dream of in Germany. It’s so nice to be here, actually I want it to never end !!

But then comes the highlight of the whole trip: Agrigento. The roots of the West.

As a man I can only dream of it, a magnificent Greek temple in the middle of olive trees under a blue sky in the middle of this wonderful Mediterranean landscape.

How happy people must be allowed to live here?. I keep wondering why hundreds of thousands abandon this God-blessed land ??

However, as with everything on this earth, the other side of the coin lets me glimpse that not everything seems easy.

For us tourists from the cold north it is a dream town, for people here it is still everyday life, with pros and cons.

It is certainly good to live here, but like everywhere in the world, you have to find your own way. A mission that is not easy for human beings.

Unfortunately, we are only on this beautiful island for a few days. But I fell madly in love with this island and its people.

I promise that I will come back again and again and again

Sicily my love!