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The art of Silvia Logi has not gone unnoticed and it has over 60,000 fans on FB and an American director who has dedicated to it a documentary, “Blossoming”, which has received many important awards on the festival circuit of independent cinema in the United States.

It is not easy to describe what Silvia does, her technique arises as a crossing of mosaic, collage and assemblage of different materials that then come together in a single ‘language’. And it is as if it were drawing with the materials instead of brushes. The result is imaginary shapes, almost fairy-tale, but with some connection with reality, immersed in a harmonious color scheme.

An art that speaks of freedom, but uses fresh bold experimentation to come to unexpected solutions.

Silvia, who inspired you to create your own style?

I do not think I’ve ever been inspired directly or deliberately by anyone, but definitely a trip to Barcelona in 2005 where I came across the revolutionary architecture of Gaudi was the first spark to get close to my “art” within.

Then I would mention Klimt and Niki de Saint Phalle with her amazing Tarot Garden in Capalbio (in Tuscany), a place where fantasy blends with reality.

You’re a self-taught and how did you start? How you decide to become an artist?

Like many women, after my second maternity I had to find a new job. I had the feeling that times were changing, it was the end of 2005 and I was returning from the trip to Barcelona. I felt it was the right time and during all those months I seemed to be encouraged to continue this new way: my small mosaic artifacts were liked very much by friends and acquaintances.

My mother, who has a shop in Florence, began to sell them and to encourage me to continue. My whole family supported me and my workshop is a part of my house, in my beautiful garden overlooking Florence. This allows me the time to work in the garden surrounded by nature.

You speak with pride of Florence, what is special about the country you live in?

For more than 20 years the great Michelangelo lived most of his childhood in Settignano (near Florence), to name the most important of our fellow citizens. This means we breathe, even unknowingly, beauty, art and history in every street corner.

Where I live and work cannot be separated from my art and inspiration. I feel much more appreciated in the area where I live, I know the people in my local country who have lived with me from the beginning of my artistic career supporting me and encouraging me.

I understand that you never stop working ..

It’s true: when not busy creating I dedicate myself to the collection of materials to use in my work. I find them both near home and in the trips I make. The materials we use are largely recovered (old boards, windows, doors thrown out, reclaimed wood from prunings, pine cones, seeds and beside those, old metal, pencils collected in schools ..).

Sustainability maximum!

You can see here the documentary


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