How to enjoy (join) an Italian Festival, a Special Italian Lifestyle Experience

Have you ever participated in an Italian Festival? We can help you to be part of one of the best events in Italy, or we can organize a special Italian Event for you.

An Italian Festival is called ‘Sagra’, a word that comes directly from ‘sacred’ as originally, they were all connected with religion.

Today, a Sagra means a food festival, an event to celebrate a dish or an organic local product more than a Saint. Hence, it is the right place to be to taste local food and discover Italian handmade special delights.

In the past, a Sagra was organized the same day of a religious event such as a Patron Day or a Miracle. It was a side event that slowly has started to walk with its own legs and now it is the sanctuary of Italian Lifestyle.

Tables are arranged in the squares or in the street and you can feel to be part of the history of a town, but also of its present and its future.

What do you do in an Italian Sagra?

You can taste several local products, you listen to some form of music different to normal radio or TV programs and you can dance in the square.

And if you don’t know how to dance a Saltarello or a Tarantella don’t worry. We can help you with a bilingual master of dance who will teach you the right movements involving in the energetic rhythm of the dance.

Do you know the meaning of Saltarello? It comes from ‘jumping’ and it was the dance of the harvesting. So intense and so allusive… The music will arrive directly in your feet and you will enjoy this special Italian experience.

But don’t miss a Patron Day…

A Patron Day is a centuries-old tradition as most of the villages has been founded in middle ages or even before. Every town has its own saint with some special stories to tell.

In this day, sacred and profane traditions are mixed to fill the souls and the stomachs of pilgrims and people. Some of the procession along the narrow roads and the alleys of the small historical centres are really exciting, especially the night ones with the light of the candles. But what about the ones in cities along the sea? Water, sunset, night lights create a magical experience.

In many towns in South of Italy, the Patron is not celebrated in just one day but in a one-week period. It is unbelievable and it is worth to be participated in.

And after every religious celebration, there always is a food celebration with some special local traditions.

Which is your preference? Which part of Italy are you visiting?

Contact us for more detail and you will live an unforgettable experience.