Jazzflirt Festival of Formia gives memories that last a year or more

Jazzflirt Festival of Formia gives memories that last a year or more

Jazzflirt Festival of Formia is a jazz festival that takes place in the city of Formia and presents concerts throughout the year, welcoming high-quality musicians on every occasion and enjoying a growing success with the public year after year.

The festival brings jazz to the most beautiful and evocative places of the south Agro Pontino, with concerts in which jazz is combined with different genres and styles creating new and pleasant sounds.

Summer concerts take place in the entertainment area of ​​the Itri Brigante Museum and at the Spiaggia dei Sassolini in Scauri di Minturno. The events of the Jazzflirt Festival continue in October at the R. Paone Theatre of Formia and continue at the Itri Brigante Museum.

The association "Jazzflirt musica e altri amori" was founded in Formia in 2004 and in 2005 was the first edition of the festival created to promote the original improvised jazz music and to spread theatrical, photographic, literary, pictorial and cinematographic activities, plus organize seminars and courses.

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In recent years name players at the Jazzflirt Festival include: Daniela Floris, Enzo Carpentieri, Walter Beltrami, Pino Saulo, Leena Conquest, Paolo Fresu, Pasquale Innarella, Stefano Bagnoli, Elio Villafranca, Massimo Barbiero, Mirko Signorile, Franco D'Andrea, Dimitri Grechi Espinoza, Danilo Gallo, Mel Freire with Triology Jazz Trio, the duo Davide Di Pasquale and Alessandro Del Signore, the trio of Stefano Tamborrino, trio of Filippo Vignato, Francesco Cusa & The Assassins "Rhythm Permutations".

Jazzflirt Festival is since its inception has organized hundreds of concerts, dozens of events, over 200 musicians have been called to play on the stages, of which more than 80% are Italian. Over 20 concerts of the Jazzflirt Festival have been broadcast by Rai Radio 3 within its own jazz-related program.

Concerts, seminars, projections, exhibitions, meetings are an opportunity for a large group party, full of beauty, wonder and happiness. Jazzflirt Festival remains inside you as a life experience. Participate, propose, and be an accomplice of a ‘madness’ that is realized. Get involved and you will not regret.

A memory of music, artists and wonderful meetings and a wealth of emotions.


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