Norma. 'Santa Cecilia' Music Band of Norma

The Santa Cecilia music Norma band has a long history and was founded before 1864, in fact a document in the archives of the municipality concerns the entrusting of the band's direction to a music teacher in exchange for a fee and accommodation.

Among the most important teachers were Dan Vincenzo Mancini, who was also a composer of sacred music and was the true founder of the musical school, and Egilberto Lombardi.

Today the association is still very active and is one of the cultural engines of the village of Norma and in fact its musicians have an age ranging between 10 and 70 years. The repertoire includes classical music (symphonic and operatic) but also pop / rock music.

The band performs at all the religious and civil rites that distinguish Norma's social life.

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