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Can environmental sustainability be applied to games? Let’s change the rules of the game. The aim is to contribute to the growth of respect in the child for the environment, starting from the basic tool of childhood education, that is sustainable toys.

This is the philosophy that the designer Nicola Lunardon, drawing on the experience of carpentry in the Tondin family, adopted when he built the first model bike for kids designed for the needs of nephew Matthew between 2 and 4 years of age – before his first pedal bike. From this first fine model, he and the Tondin family, as sponsors, had the idea to make available to other children the experience of creating tailor-made sustainable toys.

For the construction of the wooden bike he has used various woods: the frame, the majority of the profiles and the rims are made of birch plywood, the racing numbers are birch, the hub of the rear wheel is oak, the hub of the front wheel and handlebars are beech. All materials are certified, there are no toxic glues and paints – following the same values of the family business, a leader in the construction of doors ( Elegance and sustainability in every aspect of life.

The bike is adjustable to follow the growth of children and, for safety, it has a rear disc brake such as those used on the mini track. While for the enjoyment side, it has a mini display with 3 blue LEDs and a button to turn them on.

These sustainable toys follow the physical and mental development of the child and help him or her to acquire their motor skills, then to discover the world, and finally they can turn into wheelbarrows to be pushed and filled with objects. The goal is to follow the stages of growth, supporting the growing motor skills and manual facilities, educating for sustainability.

In playing you form values, personality develops in the cognitive, familial and relational aspects. Playing is the best ‘gym’ for creativity and the imagination of the child. Green, stylish and customizable sustainable toys are a great way to raise our children!

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