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He comes to pick me up in Acicastello.

I haven’t seen him since March 8. He asks me where I want to go.

I think of a place not too far from home. My thoughts go immediately to Taormina.

But it is not possible it is too far! Then I propose Acireale and the historic baroque centre, the village of Santa Caterina with the Piazza del Belvedere hidden by narrow streets or Santa Maria La Scala and the marina below La Timpa.

He is not convinced and questions me again.

Then I take courage and say Taormina!

He couldn’t wait for me to say it. He takes the highway and in a lightning strike we are in the tunnel.

We go out of the dark and in front of us she shows up. Set on the hill, lit up like a necklace worn by a beautiful woman, to be experienced every day. Always perfect for every season.

A jewel that never tires.

In fact, seeing it now is like taking a breath of fresh air. It seems incredible to me.

After a long time I stopped. I have some doubts, they will stop us, we don’t even have masks. They will fine us.

We take the risk.

Cautiously we begin our walk. We walk down the road that goes down to the left towards the Hotel San Domenico.

Suddenly I see a light in a window.

It is the kitchen of a restaurant. We ask to be able to eat. Just a pizza for today.

We settle for two beers and sit on the door steps.

The best pizza ever eaten. We leave the kind patrons behind us and cross Corso Umberto to arrive at Piazza IX Aprile with the lookout and viewpoint over the sea.

We keep walking but we don’t meet anyone. The windows are bare with undressed mannequins and X-strips.

I ask him a question: Have you not noticed that we are alone? Strange there is no one at all. Not even Police and Carabinieri.

For a day Taormina is all ours.

What a unique and unrepeatable gift.

It will not happen again!