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It is finally summer and I am free to go out and leave the exile of the lockdown behind me as I go to discover a new corner of the earth. A place where all my senses will be satisfied.

I am in Sasso di Castalda, in potenza, a wonderland in Basilicata.

By walking, this little village gradually opens its treasure chest to me at every corner, in every alley, of hidden beauties and treasures, literally leaving me speechless!

My big green eyes are enraptured by the perfection of the landscape.

Here Mother Nature has expertly dipped her brushes in the most vibrant colours and spread her most intoxicating perfumes. It is no coincidence that I discover that I am in the heart of a National Park, the Lucano Val d’Agri Lagonegrese Apennine Park.

I am surprised to be enthusiastic about experiencing slow tourism, respectful of the quiet that surrounds me and fundamental for capturing every detail of this town that hardly exists on geographical maps.

I walk, greeting people … I ask for information and I arrive in the historic centre that houses the main attraction: the Ponte alla Luna.

The Ponte alla Luna is a path that goes over two Tibetan bridges suspended in space.


With the adrenaline rush, I am going to wear the harness to experience this new adventure that will prove to be among the most beautiful I have ever had so far. The emotion is really strong!

Step by step I am surprised to admire a unique scenario of its kind, because I am more than 100 meters above the ground (!) A geological site of national importance.

Meanwhile, slowly, an entire valley opens up to my eyes, leaving me speechless.

I leave happy as a little girl excited to have discovered a small treasure, but with the promise of returning to this place that has been able to give me so much: Sasso di Castalda.

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