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It is said that the olive tree and the tree of life lived and were fuelled by the same energy and strength, but that for their values to be immortal​​they would have to meet and unite in a bond of peace and brotherhood.

The olive tree carries with it a long history that places it in a context of values ​​such as peace and faith, victory and honour.

The olive branch was in fact given as a tribute in ancient Greece to the winners of the Olympics, together with an oil cruet. In ancient Rome it was intertwined on the heads of citizens most worthy of recognition, and it is said that Romulus and Remus themselves were born under an olive tree.

The tree was part of special traditions and values ​​that were kept hidden. In Italy the traditions were used but not understood.

The day came when a benevolent spirit and psychic appeared who predicted its decay and death of the tree, and with it all the teachings and values ​​brought to humans would be lost.

However, there was only one way to prevent it, and that was for the olive to meet the tree of life, which was also forced to the same terrible fate, the following night, because it was not accepted by men moved by hatred of their neighbours and selfishness.

The tree of life also has a long history. In fact, it is defined as the tree that gives life and its parts, the roots, the trunk, the leaves and the fruits, represent different aspects of the same. In Chinese mythology there is a tree of life that produces precious fruits capable of giving immortality.

Therefore, the tree of life left China to meet the olive tree that same night, exactly at the entrance of Porta Palermo, one of the 5 gates of Sciacca which represents the entrance to the historic city for those arriving from Palermo.

When they met, a pact of alliance was made, a pact based on hospitality and the mutual exchange of beauty and virtue.

The tree of life offered its fruits of immortality to the population of Sciacca, but it was the olive tree that guarded them, because immortality had to be associated with values ​​such as peace, altruism, hospitality and elevation of each culture as if it were one’s own. Culture is essential because it brings enrichment and self-promotion.

The curse was averted, and the union between two cultures, united by the same ideals of beauty and tradition, won.

The story was represented in a really emotional work by the artist Giuseppe Ciaccio.