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A journey into the flavors of our territory thanks to Giacinto Sellari and his Fini Fini, the best in the Province of Frosinone!

Tourism is made up of many nuances, we know it well. Culture, tradition and flavor. These three elements together make a territory unique and recognizable, and are the driving force that brings many Italian and foreign tourists to visit our country. And more and more travelers and tourists associate culture with the flavor of a place, that is, with food and wine.
Tasting a certain dish or a certain wine is the key factor in choosing a trip or a destination in search of culinary experiences to live and enjoy.
Think about the last trip you took: did you spend more time in the restaurant or the museum you visited? As you respond to this reflection, I want to tell you about one of those culinary experiences that we lived, almost by chance, thanks to our dear friend Stefano Venditti who guided us towards this gastronomic experience. Where did he ever take us?

The history and flavors of the historic Trattoria Sellari

We are in the historic center of Frosinone, and among the alternating alleys, the Trattoria Sellari appears. Established in 1900, this restaurant is the oldest in the entire province of Frosinone which still today, with the simplicity of its cuisine and the authenticity of its ingredients, continues for over a century to attract lovers of traditional cuisine from all over the province and region. From appetizers to desserts, the menu is made up only of typical dishes of the Ciociara cuisine such as “sagne and beans”, “rattattuglia”, stone chicken, buffalo stew and stewed cod.

The best Fini Fini in Frosinone

3 generations later, Trattoria Sellari is a staple in the culinary culture of the City of Frosinone, and continues to pass on and maintain the tradition and taste of local dishes. But it is a dish in particular that captivates the hearts and taste buds of those who have the honor of tasting it: the ends.
The ends are a handmade egg pasta cut so thin that it looks like hair. For over 50 years, Giacinto has been preparing the finest ends of Frosinone. A simple dough prepared early in the morning and cut at the moment after the customer’s order to keep their freshness intact.
Giacinto after telling us the story and the recipe for fine ends, a pasta that has a very ancient history for Frosinone and to which a party is dedicated every year, tells us that ends are a complete meal, and how to blame him.
After all, they have everything: proteins, with eggs in the dough and the large amount of local pecorino or fresh parmesan, vegetables, thanks to the abundant tomato sauce and fresh basil with which they are poached and finally carbohydrates, which in a portion of fine purposes of Trattoria Sellari are enough to feed a small fleet of hungry tourists.

For dessert then if you happen to be in the restaurant, you cannot miss a slice of Zuppa Inglese, in the classic recipe of the Italian spoon dessert, based on custard and chocolate, sponge cake soaked in alchermes liqueur.
Another of the main dishes of the restaurant, which perhaps deserves a separate article, but to make this decision we are forced to return, and enjoy it better a second time!

The attachment and enhancement of the culinary tradition of the area is one of the fundamental ingredients that makes Trattoria Sellari a place of culinary culture to visit and enjoy if you have the opportunity to visit Ciociaria. So you can taste for yourself the finest fines of Frosinone, prepared by the skilled hands of Giacinto.

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