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Reading and studying in different areas, not only art in ceramics, I came to understand that the colour of sky blue has a special meaning and value. A subjective value, which we attribute to men, and an objective value, visual and real.

Our life is filled with sky blue: you can see it everywhere, even where you never expect it, right there on the corner. So it is said in amazement:

“Indeed, even here there is blue! I cannot believe, I did not expect! “

Well, what about for my ceramics? The sky blue “friend”, so I like to call this colour, is always about, but is not seen. It hides among the other colors, but it is no less important. Maybe it’s a bit ”shy” for some, for others it is unimportant, too ‘soft’ and not very consistent.

For me, however, this sky blue is a colour of great value, ‘soft’ yes, but also noble and by no means trivial. Thinking about my work, from the landscapes of castles, to faces, to scenes with mythological figures, to flowers, to modern images, I state that the sky blue of heaven is a support that I cannot do without.

I find it difficult to set a work on ceramics, without this backdrop. Sky blue to me is the beginning of a job: it can be everywhere, in traces, definition, outline, shadow, volume, texture.

It is essential, it guides me, and allows me to understand and imagine, well in advance, even the finished work. It facilitates the definition of the image painted on the glazed surface. Its nobility is to offer itself as a basis for all the other colours, which usually will be superimposed. Everything takes its true place only if there is sky blue behind.

But this is not just my impression! Looking at the works of the ancient potters of Castelli, but also those of more recent artists, I cannot help but notice how the blue is a constant imperative.

A friend pointed out to me as that sky blue is used as the background in many film and television special effects with a technique called “blue screen”. The studio walls and ceilings are painted sky blue and in post-production the desired background is added. Whatever the weather or scenes of special effects in Matrix, surrealist pictures, what changes is the context, but the value of the sky blue will always be universal, as in the past so in the future.

Here is a selection of some of my works.


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