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There are magical days when the Countess of Etna can be seen from Catania.

Altocumulus lenticulaus is the scientific name of the almost mystical phenomenon that occurs on Etna when the winds that blow from the west meet the volcano.

A cloud of which we are particularly fond so much so that we constantly scan the sky to see if it is our lucky day to capture a shot.

The winds beat on the convex slopes of the volcano as if it were a deflector, an effective barrier, and they suddenly rise and catch the humidity.

But, at high altitude, the two opposite winds rotate on themselves “competing” for space, and the cloud derives from it.

This is why we call her the Countess, she was born from a struggle in the skies but is of noble beauty.

The lenticular cloud is a fascinating and special Etna phenomenon that captures the attention of all the inhabitants of the Catania area.

Its vaulted shape of crushed almond, others of a “hat”, also manages to colour itself taking on many shades of pink and making the event particularly impressive.

We all know, by popular tradition and therefore handed down from father to son, that when the ‘Countess’ appears after a few days there will be a sudden change of weather.

The “Countess” is our always reliable meteorologist !!

It will certainly bring about an Atlantic disturbance, but for us ordinary citizens it means that a storm or warmer temperatures than those at the current time will come.

Today, with mobile phones, on the days of the Countess we all find ourselves photographing the phenomenon from every corner of the Catania area and the hinterland.

Then we post the “Etna hat” each one taken from his own perspective but with the same desire to share it with others.

A movement was born on social media, so look for #Etna #lenticularclouds #siciliansky #magicalSicily the top hashtags for the Countess, that became popular in just one day.

But beyond technology, what unites us all young and old is, and always will be, the wonder that allows us to stop any activity that we are carrying out.

We from Catania turn up our noses to admire, with the same astonishment of a child and with a feeling of admiration, the Countess and Etna. (Read also)

And every time it’s the first time!

Paola F. J. Torrisi

ITA Paola è la fondatrice di Take it Slowly. Laureata in Lingue e Letterature straniere, entra nel mondo del turismo interessandosi subito all’incoming della Sicilia, dove ritorna dopo aver concluso i suoi studi a Roma. Ama l’arte in ogni sua forma, l’esperienza del viaggio in tutte le sfumature possibili, basta che sia slow! Da qui nasce la sua Take it Slowly by Un’Altra Sicilia, un Tour Operator che offre un turismo diverso autentico, cucito su misura del cliente, al passo con la cultura e la tradizione di una terra antica come la Sicilia." ENG Paola is the founder of Take it Slowly. She graduated in Foreign Languages ​​and Literature, and entered the world of tourism immediately becoming interested in the incoming tourism of Sicily, a Region where she returned after having completed her studies in Rome. She loves art in all its forms, the experience of travel in all possible nuances, as long as it is slow! Hence her "Take it Slowly" by Another Sicily was born, a Tour Operator that offers a different kind of tourism, authentic, tailored to the customer, running at the same pace with the culture and tradition of a land as old as Sicily.