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Since the dawn of time man’s emotions have been driven by the colours of nature that arise from the play of light on the sky, rocks, water and trees.

The great artists and architects have interpreted this when managing light in their creations, offering stone colours and frescos for the walls and in their paintings.

For some periods, especially in the last century, the understanding has been lost, particularly in the era of monochrome plastics since about 1960. But as with all traditional art, there are the renaissances when those artists and artisans who respect the traditions of colours of nature and feel the discord of society attempt to reintroduce the natural values while recognizing the contributions that modern technology brings.

We have met Maurizio Signorini, an architect from Italy, who has achieved the blending of use of modern techniques and architectural understanding with tradition, in his case, under the influence of Steiner’s approaches to humanity. His passion for natural soft lighting and colours of nature led to his work with paint creating dynamic colour effects in the room, effects which varied as the light strength and direction changed throughout the day.

After sating his interest with the effects of natural light he directed his creative talent to lamps, resulting in award-winning designs particularly those that shone with hues of yellow, two of which remain as beacons of his work in his office.

More recently, Maurizio has returned to colours of nature for inspiration for his lighting designs. This has brought him to natural stones as the bed for the candelabra and the modern LED. Once again his designs follow nature, with flowing lines and apertures for the beams of light to escape, sometimes in clear candlelight and others in refracted and reflected colours of nature created by the shaped stones such as agate and depending on the LED source.

Recent exhibitions of his works implement those designs in a new range of lights integrated with natural stone. These are known as Light Sculptures in Stone, where the word ‘light’ signifies the metaphysical as well as physical nature of these workswith colours of nature.


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