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Travelling is not just a passion.

Most of the time travel is a medicine for our soul, we are being treated without knowing it.

There are those who have seen the whole world, those who have seen nothing beyond their bedroom.

I have not seen the whole world but not even the walls of my room, let’s say that I am in the limbo of the incomplete traveller. But I guarantee you that the few places I have seen have managed to make me breathless.

I remember when I got off the ferry and set foot on the beautiful island of Capri. I was immediately wrapped in a fresh breeze, a breeze with the scent of lemons and jasmine.

My eyes were too curious for what they were looking at and tried to scrutinize every single detail, they had been enchanted by the white walls, by the white uniforms of the carabinieri, by the old fisherman who unloaded the freshly caught fish.

The people were all beautiful, all smiling. Only after seeing Capri do I understand the reason for those beautiful smiles printed on their faces.

The streets of Capri were so clean and fragrant. The colours, the smells, the flavours: all together made my soul serene and relaxed like that of all visitors.

When I met the inhabitants of the island, I realized that their beauty was due to their Capri life, the sun and the sea, made them beautiful and light. A young local boy made my stay in Capri even more magical, telling me the famous legend of love between Vesuvius and Capri.

“Vesuvius was a young knight famous for his impulsive and also violent character, while Capri was a shy and reserved young woman.

The two met and fell madly in love. The sweetness of Capri managed to soften the character of Vesuvius, who thanks to the closeness of Capri became the best of all men.

The families of the two lovers, however, hated each other and did not accept the union between the two, so the Capri family decided to send her to a foreign land.

Capri, far from her love, felt sad, her heart suffered so much that she no longer wanted to live.

She decided to take her own life and to do so she chose the sea by launching herself into the waves ”.

According to legend, a beautiful blue island was born just at the point where Capri launched herself into the arms of death: the island of Capri.

Things to do in Capri:

Capri is beautiful, but beauty is paid for and Capri knows it well. Drinking coffee in the famous Piazzetta of Capri is a must, even if it is slightly expensive. But as they say, you only live once!

After the coffee you have to walk along the beautiful and famous shopping street Via Camerelle. Believe me, it is worth walking along this street even if you are not shopping.

The streets of Capri are elegant, beautiful, clean, it seems to be inside a movie.

If you walk along Via Targara something will start inside you. It is difficult to react to too much beauty enclosed in one place and your eyes will seem too small and useless to admire such beauty.

Unmissable, then, is the tour of the island by boat, with a view of the Blue Grotto and the Faraglioni.

When the boat passes under the arch of the two Faraglioni, there is the beautiful custom of exchanging a kiss with your better half, I was alone and I wanted to kiss the Faraglioni, at least I could kiss a real beauty!

A cultured island, an island that seems like a dream, an island of a white candy, an island that like the arrow of a cupid, fires her arrow and makes you fall madly in love with her.

This island is able to give us a dream!

Lucilla Minori

ITA Laureata in lingua cinese, da sempre amante del vasto panorama orientale, per le tradizioni, i colori, le culture, le credenze mitologiche, in particolare quelle cinesi. Eternamente innamorata del mondo e della sua vastità. ENG A graduate in Chinese language studies, she has always been a lover of the vast eastern landscape, for its traditions, colors, cultures, mythological beliefs, especially Chinese ones. Eternally in love with the world and its vastness.