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Near Pesaro in Marche lives a fine entrepreneur, poet, humourist, gentleman and enigmatic genius, Nani, il Conte Alessandro-Ferruccio Marcucci Pinoli di Valfesina and his enchanting wife Paola.

Nani is master of The Hotel Alexander on the beach in Pesaro. This hotel is the epitome of the Energitismo philosophy. It is a living work of contemporary art and a museum reflecting the soul of a different artist in every room and space.

Nani displays his artistic creations and poetry with great pleasure. Each morning at breakfast, another small gem of his poetic talent greets the guest as one gazes out over the sands to the Adriatic Sea. Some mornings a message of love or beauty, others ironic or enigmatic, but always with a special touch of a man of distinction.

One of his creations is a small circular gold accessory, a gem that he patented known as EsaltaBuchi, The Patch. Nani told us his tale of the story behind The Patch.

When a child he was taught to never throw anything away just because it may be old or no longer perfect. He was also brought up with the view that repairs can make for ugliness. The third pillar of his learning was to find how to convert a failure into a success.

So when, shortly after receiving a valuable sweater from his family, he found a moth hole in the front, he was faced with a personal conundrum – how to preserve the garment as a keepsake without spoiling it with a repair.

His inspiration was that it would be much better to emphasise the defect rather than to repair the garment or secretly throw it away.

EsaltaBuchi, a small pure gold engraved ring, is the phoenix that rose from the ashes of that hole. It is the wholly elegant solution to a holey inelegant problem. EsaltaBuchi is jewellery that converts a hole into the whole. It reflects Nani’s philosophy on elegance and true Italian Style.

EsaltaBuchi is the ultimate representation of sustainability- nothing is lost while beauty is increased. Finally, it is an attention getting piece of jewellery that produces a smile and some fun.

Gavin Tulloch

Scienziato e poeta. Ama la chimica, il vino, le donne e l’opera, ma non sappiamo in quale ordine


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