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It is a dish that at first glance does not appeal for its colour and texture, but once tasted you can never forget its delicate and intense flavour that does not disappoint.

Pasta with squid ink, or as they say in my area “Cu u niuru di siccia“, has entered the menu of many chefs on tiptoe and now has a place of honour among the gourmet ingredients of the Sicilian maritime tradition .

A dish with a sincere aroma and a deep taste of the sea that many may not like, but which must be tasted at least once in order to change your mind. I tie it to my town Sciacca, the most beautiful in Sicily. (Read Also)

The “cu u niuru di siccia” pasta has peasants origins, although today it is in competition with another highly sought-after dish such being pasta with sea urchins. The ink secreted by the cuttlefish was once used by sailors and fishermen exclusively as the only condiment suited to cuttlefish.

But over time someone has seen fit to also make a delicious sauce for spaghetti or linguine, pasta shapes that blend well with the velvety and sticky consistency. Especially in the lips that and teeth that get darkly smeared.

This fact sometimes leaves you a little worried before choosing this dish from the menu, especially when you are away from home and in contact with other people. Only the waiter who served you can understand your uninviting smile.

And believe me I am living proof of this fact!

Many times I wanted to order ‘pasta cu u niuru’, but I wondered how I could make myself visually presentable afterwards. And so I always seemed to  lean towards something else.

The pleasure of tasting this pasta, but also of being able to dye my lips and my whole mouth black, sometimes I take it off in the kitchen of my house, also satisfying the greediness of my husband who in this respect is a good fork .

But a story that reminds me of a child also binds me to cuttlefish ink.

At an early age I was not very inclined to eat fish, especially those of the soggy type that made me, as they say, a little sense … (this also happens to kids and adolescents today).

My father, who liked to cook, to entice me to eat this pasta that represented and still represents for many a unique dish, as it is said “Si ti manci è pasta ti tinci u mussu” (if you eat this pasta you dye your lips).

I, a girl who had a father who wore the uniform for years and who answered many of my requests with a peremptory “No”, let’s say that it was difficult for me to believe that I could only put on lipstick if I ate pasta.

I was very amazed and I wondered if my father was telling the truth or was it just a way to make me eat pasta, or to make fun of me.

Ma Papà veru mi fai tinciri u mussu?! (Dad can I really put lipstick on)

Un solo ti metti u russettu ma un si leva chiu’!  (not only do you wear lipstick but it will take off more).

And so my father succeeded in his intent to make me eat his pasta with that slimy fish while it seemed to me to be putting lipstick on me like adult women.

This is my experience with squid ink.

Recipe of pasta with squid ink


  • Pasta
  • Cherry tomatoes (or rather a little tomato paste)
  • Garlic
  • Parsley
  • Bags of Black

For its preparation, the recipe is very simple. It always starts with a sautéed garlic, cherry tomatoes (or rather a little tomato paste), parsley and the famous bags of black.

Extend with a glass of white wine and as needed with a little pasta cooking water.

Once the pasta is ready, pour it into the saucepan and mix everything.

Garnish with a sprig of parsley, and the black dish is served !!!!