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I miss those days wandering on Piazza del Campo (del Campo Square) in the Ancient City of Siena, in Italy.
People pass by, young and old, full of vitality, just like thousands of years ago. The bells ring hourly like an ancient tune in the melody. Looking into the blue sky, I lost my thought under the Tuscan sun.
By the side of the square quietly stands the Mangia Tower, witnessing laughter and tears, carrying memories of love and sorrow into eternity.
Is the script written as my destiny?

In the distant place of my hometown, there is such a square and bell tower alike. My hometown, a city called Nantong, is a lovely and livable small city of China.
Though not as prosperous as a metropolis, here your busy body and mind can slow down to enjoy a relaxing momentum.
You don’t need to hide your emotions, or to worry about others’ opinions. You cry and laugh like a child, and cast aside troubles and annoyances.
We, the Chinese doctors who have visited, studied and lived in Siena, Italy, started to act on the situation right away since the breakout of COVID-19 pandemic this year.
Medical masks and protective gears have been purchased and donated to Siena University Hospital. What motivated us is the friendship between the two cities. As once said by Mr. Valtere Giovannini, President of Siena University Hospital, the two cities are like  “waves of the same sea, leaves from one tree, and flowers in the same garden.”

One is content with small happiness in daily lives and never imaged to make a huge success. Humans are like dust in the universe and often get stuck in the circle of life.
When I came to the small medieval European city, I fell in love with everything about her instantly. I was fortunate as it reminds me of my hometown. It’s just like destiny. “As time, life cantabile.”
As we bid farewell to the child, we embrace wrinkles and lines. A man who is content will be happy, and I am one of them.
Having been to many places with different views saved in my memories, I see none taking over my love to my hometown, to the water, the sceneries, the people and my home.
They are engraved in my mind with the love always flowing in my veins. Siena resembles Nantong in so many aspects that she brings me similar feelings. Both of them are cities witnessing thousands of years of history, blessed with peace and serenity.
“Good things are yet to come, like surprises, like gifts.” Under The Tuscan Sun.
People will go to Piazza del Campo (Field Square) again and bathe in the sunshine of Tuscany, by the Mangia Tower.
Our hearts of Nantong are always with them, under the Tuscan sun.