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There are places that enter your soul, regardless of whether you have a bond with them.

There are many reasons that lead us to visit a place, that can be for work or for a visit to friends or relatives, or simply, for vacation.

We found ourselves one day in August accompanying our daughter to Menfi to spend a weekend at the home of a friend.

She was about 13 years old and it was her first experience away from home, so we opted to accompany her and look for a place to stay nearby. In case “she had entered into crisis”!

This is how we arrived in the nearby Sciacca, until then known only on paper or for its fame linked to the allegorical carnival.

I made an immediate search on the internet and found the Relais Garibaldi: a nice B&B right in the heart of Sciacca.

The impact as soon as we arrived was strange, at least for me it was so, as Sciacca architecturally has a new anonymous part, a historic centre and then the part at the seaside.

As soon as I opened my mouth to get some information I experienced the magic.

Yes, because Sciacca’s beauty is not immediate. Its inhabitants, the saccensi, have the “genius loci“, that is that sense of belonging that they love to share with all guests / visitors.

This is the added value of Sciacca, because they allow you to enter their social, historical, architectural, food and wine fabric, as a precious guest.

Among the people I met is Angela, a woman, a very charming tourist entrepreneur, not only for her physical appearance but above all for her competence, knowledge and professionalism.

She immediately made herself available and out of nowhere we planned some fantastic days that made our stay in Sciacca one of the most lovely experiences.

My husband and I travel a lot, both for work and for pleasure, but this little holiday has entered our hearts because it transmitted the generosity, warmth and sense of hospitality of the whole Saccense community.

I think of the excellent fresh fish you savour in any restaurant in Sciacca, the historical beauty told through the ‘apecar’ tour by Francesco, the wine tasting in the hinterland cellars, the ceramist who lets you participate in his workshops or to the singular beauty of Sciacca coral with its museum.

A complete sharing experience that qualifies the territory to be an authentic experience of an exquisitely Sicilian cross-section.