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The Town Ambassador award is a recognition created by Discover Places to reward the promoters of the territory, Associations, individuals who with love and dedication throw seeds of development for their country and build not only a future tourist launch, but also a newfound love for the territory in which we live, through the promotion of material and immaterial culture.

What is a ‘seed for development‘? The answer is very simple: they are those manifestations, those events, those initiatives capable of polarizing the attention of people on a territory and making them come to share an emotion or an experience.

This is why we have gathered on this page the winners of the prize, men, women and associations who have done so much and continue to do so for their country.

Read their stories to learn more!

Ivo Pulcini

Cardiologist, sports doctor, creator of the Petess of Leonessana. E ‘madly in love with his Lazio and his Leonessa, a village in the province of Rieti, on which throws the spotlight at every possible opportunity…

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Luca Calselli

Winner for two consecutive years of “City of Culture of Lazio” in 2018 and 2019, the Architect of Culture who looks to the future without ever losing sight of the past…

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The “La Ciociaria and the Province of Frosinone” Group & A.F.C. “Franco Olivetti”

A group of photographers born in the city of Frosinone that with their shots transmit the love of their territory, and takes an active urolo in the formations of young local professionals with its photography and photo-editing courses…

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Corrado Mattoccia

President of the Mud and Sweat Rugby Museum of Artena, which in recent years has established links with some of the most important institutions, bringing the name of Artena to the world, returning to the historic center and its territory …

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Sonnino Genealogy

Mark A. Tempesta, Denise Dumont e Daiana Magalhaes Dei Giudici. Three foreign citizens with an Italian heart, together with their Facebook groups they have helped foreigners connect with their Italian roots…

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Edoardo Filippucci

A young architect with overwhelming enthusiasm, belongs to a family that for generations has been promoting and loving Albano Laziale. With the Albano Strategica group he works every day to help small businesses and make Albano a coveted tourist destination …

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Antonio Moschetta

An entrepreneur who has never lost his courage, Antonio has remained in Italy and since he finished his studies he has never stopped believing in Italy and his beloved Andria, a small town in Puglia. Today he is a successful young entrepreneur …

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Giancarlo Flavi

To tell Giancarlo Flavi’s story, is to tell the town of Serrone. Journalist and creator of the “Premio Internazionale Rocca D’Oro” of Serrone, he’s never stopped loving and promoting his town, to famous people met during his career…

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Loredana Vinci

Journalist and historian from Rocca Priora, she has contributed throughout her personal and her work life to keep this small town in the Province of Rome known throughout the world.

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Michael Chirco

Entrepreneur and self-made man from Detroit Michigan, originally from Sicily, to this day he contributes keeping the memory of his town of Cinisi alive, together with his daughter Eva Marie Evola and his family.

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