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Monte Circeo is one of the most spectacular trekking experiences in Lazio. The view that you can admire when climbing makes you forget the effort spent.

There are two paths. The one tried by Discoverplaces with the fantastic guide by the cultural association La Miangola is that departing from the sea. This most scenic trail from Torre Paola and climbs up Mount Circeo

The path proves to be variable:

  1. Initially you will have to face a climb of at least 2 km, with a gradient of 10 degrees. We can not lie to you! but we have to admit that as a beginner it is really tiring … the first thought is to go back!
  2. Then you must face a real climb.

Clinging to the rocks and looking for the best grips … The effort at that moment is felt, from the legs up to the arms.

However, when the first part of the climb is over, the need for water and rest takes over … and at that moment, the first opening in the scenery is reached. A small area where you can admire the beauty of Circeo.

At that moment with tired and sweaty body, all problems go into the background! The panorama hypnotizes you and recharges you to continue …! From that privileged position, San Felice is admired from above.

From that point on, the land and the landscape change … climbs, descents, on rocks and plants … surrounded by completely wild landscapes and a crystalline sea, which makes you think of jumping.

The ascent at a medium pace can be tackled by the fit in about two hours. Obviously this type of activity must be carried out with all the technical materials … from trekking shoes, hat and water.

Once you get to the top, after the usual picture taking, you have a substantial snack, to recover your strength. Take care though! do not bring ‘heavy’ food … otherwise the descent will be more difficult. Another important thing is a change of shirt … which will surely be wet.

The descent, for the less experienced could seem easier …but there is still more to do wrong! Even during the return you have to be very careful. It is not an easy path.

Discoverplaces with the help of the 3 guides of Miangola followed the path of the Direttissima. The name tells you already that it was not a breeze. In fact, even here, we faced different adversities.

  • Hang on a rope and descend on your back …
  • Cling to the branches and trees so as not to fall … because of the soft and slippery ground.

Here the view is not as fascinating as the way up. Yet the concertation and the strength that you will have to apply, make you proud anyway.

Once you get down you feel a mixture of sensations: you remain enchanted by the beauty of such an exciting landscape, that the effort, though a lot, goes into the background. Looking at the mountain from below, one is amazed at the fantastic sensations this mountain can give.

To end with pleasure, we suggest you bring a costume. After the excursion you can relax with a nice swim and a fantastic beach.

This is an experience where you can combine mountains, hard effort, beauty and the sea.

The Miangola Association is made up of young people who, driven by the passion for the mountains and for their love for their small village, Segni in the province of Rome, organize trips. Where everyone can participate. Simply by signing up for a small annual fee.