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A magical, relaxing place with a great spirit. The valley between Fiuggi, Trivgliano and Fumone is called “little Switzerland”.

Trivigliano was formerly called “tribillianum” (three towers) and the whole village is perched around the 1100 castle tower on the top of a hill cultivated with olive trees on one side and a forest on the other.

The view sweeps across the valleys framed by the Campocatino and Monna mountains on one side and the Canterno lake on the other as far as Fumone and the Lepini Mountains.

A true jewel of nature!

Only fifteen years ago was my discovery of the Ciociaria paradise: Trivigliano, its village, its people.

I got there out of love and I can no longer get away from it.

I immediately decided to honour the area by organizing “Trivigliano in Flower at the Summer Solstice” by inviting journalists from national newspapers and authoritative guests from the capital and nearby regions.

Objective: to engage humanity, sensitive and respectful of the beauty of the place and the landscape.

I found great support from associations, confraternities and local congregations, whose members are full of wisdom, hardworking and determined. But above all, love for their town.

It is to them that the great success is due. Wonderful people who give their time to keep traditions alive.

I remember the group that every year prepares the magnificent Living Nativity Scene, or the one that at Corpus Domini takes care of the infiorata (flower festival) along the streets of the village, the Avis, the youth group … the choir … the prestigious Band …

And we no longer stop and go beyond the borders to Poland. The twinning organized in honour of Santa Oliva who is the patron both of Trivigliano and the city of Gdansk (Danzig) has always been incredibly connected. Here, in the large cathedral dedicated to Santa Oliva, there is the largest organ in Europe with 8,000 sound tubes decorated with musical angels.

Trivigliano- Chiesa di Sant'Oliva by Bettiol

Trivigliano – Church of Sant’Oliva by Bettiol

In short, a people both young and old full of vitality and love for their village …

In Trivigliano I met special people like Elisa who, after the herbal medicine course from Sarandrea went to Collepardo  (another place that must be known), started a vegetable garden with medicinal plants with scents that grab you.

But also Ivan, who with his goats that feed on our ‘little Switzerland’ meadows, produces ricotta, caciotta and stracchino every day.

Not to mention Donatella who deals with variously seasoned pecorino, spiced with pepper and much more, and Ennio and Emanuela who have opened a farm that breeds and sells pork …. then Claudia, Regina and many other new friends.

Maria Grazia Toniolo, Triviglianese by adoption, fascinated by the village, discovered by chance, describes it with these words:

Imagine an ancient village located on the top of a hill surrounded by woods and panoramic views, closed within its ancient walls, but open on the lake’s lookout, made of stairs, ladders, unexpected views, flowering doorways, vines that hang over the pergola . Couldn’t we call it a garden? Then “garden” could be called a protected place that communicates serenity, peace, harmony …

I feel that awareness of how the concept of “small is beautiful” is growing and that the rebirth of small villages will bring us healthier and more human values ​​and times of life.

I feel that we all go back to being people, not numbers, and that this is the best life we ​​can live.

And perhaps the crisis was needed to bring us closer to so much beauty and the meaning of life. But now that we have found it we will not leave it for sure.

At least I won’t let go!