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Truffle therapy, as I call it, is a real experience in contact with the energy of nature.

I am fortunate to live and work in one of the most beautiful places in Italy, Gola del Furlo in Marche. A passage between the Apennine mountains where the Candigliano river flows between sheer rock faces.

On these rocks the Romans had built the first road with the Via Flaminia which reached as far as Fano.

As a child I used to go to Furlo with my father and we ate tagliatelle with truffles sitting at the table under the window, in the corner of the room adjacent to the entrance to the AnticoFurlo restaurant, an indelible image in my memory album.

Fate led me to continue this story of love for food, of love for traditions and authentic things.

Truffle therapy is part of this love for the land.

Truffle therapy is an exclusive event that we can practice almost all year round except in the months of May and September.

Yes! because this wonderful element, which was born in the Italian lands and in particular in Acqualagna, is present in different shapes and flavours, nearly all year round.

The Marche region is a territory that enchants for its breathtaking landscapes, the soft hills, the poetry and the bright colour of the broom, the scent of the Adriatic sea. Not for nothing did it inspire the greatest Italian poet: Giacomo Leopardi.

This territory is rich in natural beauty and history. The farmers of the hinterland, the fishermen of the coast and the artisans keep the ancient traditions alive. Just like that of the truffle, and this is the added value of our unspoiled region.

Truffles are very rare, because their growth depends on seasonal as well as environmental factors.

The search for truffles, which usually sees the truffle hunter and his dog as protagonists, is an activity that requires a lot of time, patience and passion.

The true searcher is the dog that dictates the pace and the times by moving among the trees and sniffing at the base of the trunks.

A walk through the woods, together with the expert truffle digger and his dog, capturing all the shades of green, will make you discover and learn the secrets of harvesting this wonderful underground mushroom.

Then, after searching for truffles, we help people learn its use in the kitchen or even taste its delicacy with a lunch or dinner at our restaurant right at the entrance to the gorge.

The Antico Furlo Hotel Restaurant is a reference point for connoisseurs with our menus based on fresh truffles all year round.

This historic restaurant is located a few km from where the truffle hunt takes place, in the Gola del Furlo Nature Reserve where there is the oldest truffle ground in Marche.

I have been practicing truffle therapy for many years now and I feel all the benefits!