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This is a new experience for all those who love outdoor activities in uncontaminated areas where history and nature merge. We are talking about Val di Comino, part of the Lazio side of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise where 120 km of trails were recently opened for horseback, by mountain bike or on foot.

The paths have a point of reference in the town of Alvito but also cross the territories of Posta Fibreno, Campoli Appennino, San Donato Val di Comino, Vicalvi and Gallinaro. A network also connects Abruzzo with rings that reach Opi and Pescasseroli. Alvito is in fact located at the junction of the Valle del Liri, the river rose in Abruzzo, above the Val di Comino that shares many mountains with Abruzzo.

Some tracks are the ancient transhumance (migration) routes, the so-called ‘tratturi’ that shepherds and flocks used to reach the rich mountain pastures in summer and the green coastal plains in winter. The tratturi are part of the culture of our countryside so much as to have been candidates for the intangible heritage of UNESCO (as happened for the Neapolitan pizza) and has already passed the first selection phase.

Going through them means truly experiencing ancestral emotions, millennia of history that come back and can be felt. Above all because in many of the villages of the Val di Comino the ancient traditions have remained intact and you can take part in some unique experiences.

The network has been reorganized by the ‘I Cavalieri dei Tratturi della Val di Comino‘ association, a group of enthusiasts who in the last years have spent their time rediscovering and recreating links between paths and places of interest.

This has given rise to a series of routes organized so as to be enjoyed by people with different experiences and expectations. They have varying degrees of difficulty and effort ranging from the simplest of a couple of hours to the one that can last several days and requires an overnight stay in a tent, in a shelter or in one of the affiliated B & Bs.

What is certain is that all pass in places of particular interest such as the castle of Cantelmo di Alvito, which was also a centre for a German garrison on the Gustav Line during the Second World War, to all the castles and palaces of the Val di Comino.

From the point of view of a naturalist you should not miss the Fossa Majura, the second largest dolina (sinkhole) in Europe on the border with Campoli Appennino, the town famous for the presence of Marsican brown bears enclosed within a wildlife oasis, even if bears are everywhere. Another interesting park to mention is the Riserva Naturale del lago di Posta Fibreno with its floating island.

The unusual experiences are innumerable and there are also the passages of some paths to two ancient abandoned villages of Alvito, that of Curtignale and La Capputtine.

Remember that if you go riding on the paths that pass through the National Park you have to be in groups with authorized guides of the park who know how to reconcile the presence of man with that of nature that still follows its traditional rhythms.

There is no problem for sustenance breaks. You can quench your thirst with fresh water, or with Atina DOC cabernet wine, and you can taste the delights of the valley: Atina’s DOP cannellini beans the famous Pecorino cheese from Picinisco DOP and the Casalvieri saffron. For dessert? If you do not know the Torroncino (nougat) di Alvito then it’s time to try it.

For fans of equestrian sports we report a great activity in the world of the horse in the Val of Comino, the Circolo Ippico di Atina where international competitions are held and where in the second half of July the Summertour of Fieracavalli di Verona will start with fairs and shows of the equestrian world.

Shows that illustrate all the different sports and that bring you closer to a unique world. You can learn about the world and the towns and countries through the knowledge of the different relationships that have linked men and horses. Not to be missed for a unique weekend.

An original experience? To walk these paths on foot beside a donkey with a halter full of supplies for journeys lasting more than a day. With all these activities, the Val di Comino has projected itself as a leader in nature tourism and in equestrian sport where the history and beauty of the places make the travel experience unique.

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