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Alessandro Marcucci Pinoli, 1000 years of family history and a gamble on tourism that began many years ago when he opened 6 classy hotels: 3 in Pesaro and 3 in Urbino.

But don’t think of them as a hotel chain. Each hotel has its own style and characteristic which differentiates it and makes it recognizable.

This allowed Nani to have a range of very different customers, therefore a different offer of accommodation for different targets and, above all, with different expectations. From business to tourism.

His absolute masterpiece is the regeneration of a hotel on the Pesaro beach through a remodelling that transformed a sad structure typical of the boom era of the Adriatic coast into an icon to be experienced and enjoyed.

We are talking about the Alexander Palace Hotel (Alexander in homage to his name but perhaps also to Alexander the Great) which has become one of the top examples of ‘Art Hotel’ in the world.

Each door and each room are different from the others and painted and adorned with sculptures and works by great artists. Not a simple juxtaposition, in many rooms each bed has been transformed into a work of art.

Not to mention the atrium and dining room, expanded with spaces designed specifically to integrate art and the dining table experience with a view of the beach that reminds us where we are.

This perfect example of regeneration of a hotel through art which, consequently, has also regenerated the tourist offer and therefore has led to a new type of customers.

A clientele who at this point wants a unique experience and is not characterized by uniformity of age or wealth but only by a love of artistic expression. Every morning there is a poem on the breakfast table and every week a new exhibition by a contemporary artist complete with a presentation.

Nani, as he likes to be called, is also among the promoters of the POPSOPHIA (Contemporary Philosophy) Festival in Pesaro and the ROF, the Rossini Opera Festival in honour of the great composer born in Pesaro.

Then Covid arrived and took away all the enjoyment.

Nani is not a young man in physique but he is certainly in spirit and he does not give up. He sees people who are afraid, customers who would like to cancel and then revolutionizes everything. He told us about his experience:

I tried to turn the three tragedies into positive things:

  1. Coronavirus tragedy: we solved it with extreme cleaning and giving customers alternate rooms, i.e. leaving one empty. When a customer leaves then, we don’t reassign it for 3 days. At the restaurant we spaced the tables and opened a splendid terrace for dinner.

  2. Economic Tragedy: we thought of small entrepreneurs and, above all, those who have a VAT number. We set special prices in which we have reworked the menus in order to make gourmet dishes with the delights of Pesaro at an absolutely low price starting from 10 Euros.

  3. Psychological tragedy: many people who had stayed at home for months have developed forms of fear and so we decided to make psychologists available for those who want to be reassured. But we also organized Art Therapy workshops in harmony with our philosophy that guided us to transform the Alexander making it almost an art gallery. Yoga and Shiatzu for everyone.”

Absolutely modern approaches that follow people’s sentiment and that support the customers. Ideas from an entrepreneur who does not intend to stop but descends into the arena and fights.

It is perhaps my impression, but many entrepreneurs, also many people, would like the world to go back to February, but it is not so.”

We cannot put the hands of history back and pick up everything where we left it but we have to deal with profound changes that have occurred in our economy and also in our psychology.

And this makes it an intriguing challenge on the one hand, and on the other it opens up to new players who know how to combine technology and humanism.

As always, in the phases of profound change, those who do not change are destined to be replaced by new ideas, entrepreneurs, innovators and creators.

Thank you for being a stimulus and for continuing to make one of Italy’s richest pieces of history and beauty alive. As you always say: ‘Pesaro romantic city’.

Picture by the Alexander Museum Palace Hotel

Claudia Bettiol

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