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Have you ever wondered why some people are so crazy to devote their life to this animal? It is true, many people have passions that occupy large spaces of their lives, but those who have the passion of horses come to touch incredible levels.

The first information: did you know that this is the only sport where men and women compete together?

Second information: do you know who is the oldest athlete who participates in the Olympics? He is a gentleman of over 70 years who does dressage, that discipline in which horse and rider perform pirouettes and elegant field exercises.

Already with these two information should be wanting to deepen the knowledge of this world that has no age and gender limits.

Fieracavalli Summer Tour organizes a weekend in the Equestrian Center of Atina to amaze and excite with the world of horses in all its nuances and combines it with the discovery of the territories and flavors of the Valle di Comino and Ciociaria.

It is a discovery that takes place gradually and introduces various disciplines, from the most energetic to the most harmonious ones. From the discovery of local races and the history of their relationship with man to equestrian shows in which dancers and horses move on musical notes.

But let’s go into details about the flavors, because it is certain that to discover a territory we need to know its flavors and today many companies have a task that has led them to excellence.

Wines? Between Cesanese del Piglio DOCG and Atina Doc the choice is difficult … and we are only on the surface. Then there are the surprising sparkling wines made with vines of the territory that intrigue with their bubbles.

I would see an Atina DOC paired with carriages and races of attacks, a Cesanese DOCG combined with the show with the Esperia ponies and a glass of local Passerina IGT or Maturano white wine with the show jumping races. Do not you agree? Let’s talk directly to Atina and see how it feels.

And for the American breeding show with calves? I have no doubt: a good cold craft beer, you will find many presented in the Slow Food Guide. That is the sport where you consume more energy and with the summer sun serves a refreshing beer.

But the bubbles are used for the Cominum Show, a show designed just for the Valle di Comino where the stories of this territory are recalled, which represents the Lazio side of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise.

In this area about 120 km of trails have been arranged that can be ridden on horseback, mountain biking or trekking lovers. Trails that pass through abandoned villages and enchanted villages, woods and elegantly cultivated areas with vineyards, olive groves and wheat. Let yourself be guided by the Associazione Cavalieri dei Tratturi of Val di Comino.

And if all this makes you worry do not worry: a good pasta made with ancient grains like those of Senatore Cappelli is the one that suits you with the famous cheeses such as marzolina or Pecorino di Picinisco DOP, which you can learn more about soon at the Pastorizia in Festival.

Obviously art will also be present with the book on horses written by Maria Vittori and Claudia Bettiol “Stories of women, men, horses and art” and the photo exhibition of the great Tonino Bernardelli on one of the most enchanting and mystical corners of the territory: Settefrati with the shrine of the Madonna of Canneto in Settefrati and the procession of the Madonna that involves over 60,000 people from all over southern Italy.

A world to discover and enjoy for a weekend that begins with Fieracavalli Summer Tour in Valle di Comino from 20 to 22 July at the Equestrian Center of Atina, but a magic that is repeated every time you go in Valle di Comino.

I will be there.

Claudia Bettiol

IT Ingegnere, futurista e fondatrice di Discoverplaces. Consulente per lo Sviluppo Turistico dei Territori, specializzato nella sostenibilità e nella promozione culturale dei piccoli territori e delle piccole imprese. Ama i cavalli ENG Engineeer, futurist, joint founder of Energitismo and founder of Discoverplaces. Consultant for the development and promotion of the Touristic Development of Territories specialising in sustainability and in cultural promotion of small places and small enterprises. She loves horses