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Let me tell you the story of a particular invention of an extravagant lover of whisky on the Rocks. He looks like a Scotsman but he is a Sicilian. Doc Sirio is a designer, an expert in gemology and now inventor.

What makes intuition? The word intuition means “look inside things”, knowledge is revealed in sudden flashes. And this is what Sirio Guerriero experienced few years ago, when the mixing of his 3 specializations created this “sensible intuition”: ice which never melts.

All of us have had the experience of taking a drink with ice which watered down as the ice melted and became tasteless at the end. To overcome this, Sirio has patented cubes of marble to put in the freezer and once ‘frozen’, to be immersed in our whisky on the rocks instead of ice.

These are cubes of pure Carrara marble, whose cutting and polishing are done manually one by one. The Whisky Marble “White Keys” are not treated with chemical solvents, are sterilized in boiling water, dried and packaged manually in a special box designed to preserve the cubes from damage and to ensure when cooled they maintain a low temperature for a long time. They have a limited production.

Let’s go find Sirio in his “temple” in Syracuse, his wine-bar “Casina degli Spiriti”, the kingdom of the fans of the whisky on the rocks. While we enjoy a generous platter of cold meats, Sirio tells us: “I am here to brighten the lives of local people so this pub exists to make people who enter ‘drunk’ with fun.”

To our question, “But how did you come to create these cubes of marble?” He changes facial expression becoming melancholy and tells us how a few years ago, at the time to give a final farewell to a friend, he placed his hands on the frozen balata marble. Then he remembered that the marble is a natural cold stone and a little later thought, “why not use the cubes of marble instead of ice?”

So Sirio dusted off his knowledge about gems, considered the different materials and selected the best stone for whisky: Carrara marble. The White Keys cubes are the “key” to solving the issue of ice. Now we can enjoy our whisky on the rocks in peace, enjoying a distillate always cold and never diluted.

In Japan they are already ‘crazy’ for this invention and, as suggested by Sirio, “I wish you a good whisky (marble)!”

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