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“Inclusive, progressive, sagacious, modest, this is Shanghai” a quote from President Xi Jinping, these 4 words reflect the  spirit of the city of Shanghai. 

He’s also quoted saying, “Inclusiveness is one of Shanghai’s cultural characteristics, progressiveness is Shanghai’s cultural essence, sagacity is an attitude, and modesty is much of mind. Only in this way can we be more receptive and excellent.” 

That is why, in Shanghai we welcome everybody. People  of different skin color, nationality, as Shanghai itself is  a nation with a diverse history and culture,and this has contributed to it becoming the world renowned city it is today.

Besides its spiritual charm, Shanghai gets its fame from various other aspects. 

Talking about architecture, the Shanghai Center Tower comes to mind. It is the highest in the country and the second highest tower in the world.It stands tall, piercing straight into the sky, a beautiful sight, especially when seen from a distance.. 

Oriental Pearl, Jingmao Tower, Yu Garden and Shikumen, these are also some of the other landmarks that all foreigners seem to remember when visiting Shanghai. All of which are not only the symbols of Shanghai, but also the landmarks of all of China. 

When talking about Shanghai’s  culture, local snacks are definitely the most sought after attraction.

Steamed buns and crispy fried sticks of dough, stinky tofu, baked wheat cake, etc. are tempting enough to stop any tourist’s sightseeing plans, and arouse anyone’s  appetite. 

Compared to American hamburgers and pizzas, European steak and pasta, Chinese food is by far the most diverse and delicious in the world!

Entertainment is another amazing quality of Shanghai’s culture, as it has contributed in spreading Shanghai’s fame all over the world and China itself. Many exhibitions are held in Shanghai every year, such as the  World Expo, held  in 2010, and the more recent “China Joy” one of the most well known large-scale exhibitions. 

During these exhibitions, the regional culture, scientific and technological achievements, as well as games and video games, are put on display. These exhibitions give color to our already entertained and full of life Shanghai living. And also, when you come to Shanghai, how could  you miss visiting  our tourist resorts? 

The Shanghai Disneyland was built only a few years ago and it quickly became the first Disneyland in mainland China. It has as many entertainment facilities as any other Disney entertainment park. This means that we can spare a flight ticket to Hongkong or Japan! 

There are also some more traditional tourist attractions in Shanghai, such as Zhujiajiao, Town God’s Temple and so on, where you can appreciate all of the ancient architectural styles, and you can even take a slow boat ride in all the streams and canals running through the town. 

Though the cultures of China and Italy have existed for thousands of years on this earth, they are formed by different sentiments, people and traditions.

Something that might on the outside divide us, but fortunately, this year’s Chinese Italian Tourism Festival will make sure that we can have a deeper understanding of each other,promoting closer relations between our two countries.

So what else can I say, come to Shanghai and experience the unique wonders of our city!