Artena. Archaeological Museum Roger Lambrechts

Artena. Archaeological Museum Roger Lambrechts

The archaeological museum dedicated to Roger Lambrechts is located in the ex Granaio Borghese ("former Bourgeois Barn") in Artena.

The building is on the main road and was built by the Borghese family in the eighteenth century as a barn and had retained its original function until the 1950s. It is owned by the City of Artena and is also home to the city council and hosts special cultural events.

The museum explains the different forms of settlement that have occurred in the area in ancient times. Among the many findings stand out the rare Neolithic lava stone axe and a beautiful bronze fibula of the Archaic period. Many middle-Republican phase findings include: beautiful pottery, clay supports, frame of clay weights, tools, weapons and much pottery, among which stand out the beautiful plates with decoration in red figures, more commonly known as "Genucilia dishes".

Curiously, on one of the weights was found an inscription with the name "Gaia". It is an important testimony of this community, which in the middle-Republican era was using an alphabet and a Latin language. Among the finds dating back to the sixth century AD, stands a fragment of an African ceramic bowl with seal, that was imported from Tunisia, and which depicts one of the twelve labors of Hercules.

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