Jan 25: One day at the museum: "L'Inferno di Dante a Modo Nostro"

Jan 25: One day at the museum: "L'Inferno di Dante a Modo Nostro"

One day by artists for the talents of tomorrow! In the rooms of the Robazza Museum in Rocca Priora, the students of the San Giuseppe Art School of Grottaferrata inaugurated the exhibition "L'Inferno a modo nostro".

The works of young artists are the conclusion of a study and in-depth study born in collaboration with the Mario Benedetto Robazza Civic Museum and on the initiative of the Rocca Priora culture councilor with Dr. Federica Lavalle.

The sculptures and drawings of high school students, inspired by the great work of the Master "the Hell" have left their mark: drawings and sculptures arranged in a parallel path can be admired in what is the reading of the work by young people who they dream of becoming the artists of tomorrow!

The success of this initiative leaves me no doubt, the school desks are the starting point to learn to love, respect and promote the material and immaterial heritage that our small country holds.

On the same wavelength the words spoken by the Mayor of Rocca Priora Dottor Damiano Pucci and the president of the Roman Castelli Library system who believe and are promoters of a sustainable development of our territories!

Written by:
Chiara Rossi

Engineer lover of beauty, politics and beautiful mother. Integral soul of Discoverplaces.travel

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