Tourism video pills - part 51

Tourism video pills - part 51

An agreement to grow.

Discoverplacese and Take it Slowly of An Other Sicily come together to tell about Sicily and in particular the area of ​​Catania.

From Sicily (and from all over the world) with fury!
Take it Slowly from Unaltra Sicilia is a tour operator specializing in slow and emotion-filled trips to Sicily. With its founder Paola F.J. Torrisi we entered into an agreement to host the stories of its customers who want to tell the emotions of their trip to Italy.

A way to remember how many emotions they felt on their journey and to stimulate them to come back to visit us.

We started with the story of Paola who illustrated her connection with Catania, her city, and then many stories came from travelers from various parts of Europe.

From Catania, to Agrigento to Pantelleria, every day we discover Sicily with the eyes of those who have already tasted it and those who remember it in the travels of an unforgettable summer.

#italianisuperanotutto #IlFuturoInelleOurRadici

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Discoverplaces is an organization born from the desire to promote small towns and Italian territories. Our mission is to create bridges between Italian descendants and the Italian Community of their...

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Discover a territory through the emotions of the people that have lived it.