Albano Laziale. Thermal Baths of Cellomaio

The Baths of Cellomaio of Albano Laziale (in italian "Terme di Cellomaio") were located outside the military camp of the Second Partic Legion.

Their remains can be found in the church of San Pietro, in the Museum of the Second Partic Legion, in the Convent of the Oblate Sisters of Jesus and Mary and in numerous houses.

Their construction seems to date back to the first century B.C., with the villa of Pompeo Magno.

Then operated for the first time with the villa of the emperor Domitian and then with the military camp.

They were made of bricks and in total they were 90 meters by 83 meters in plan.

These enormous dimensions demonstrates the importance of the army in the life of the Romans and the internal divisions hypothesized by scholars suggest one area reserved for the military and one open to the public.

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