Celletti's educational farm
Celletti's educational farm

Celletti's educational farm

The Celletti farm is a family-run farmhouse, renowned in the area for its hospitality and the many activities organized at its

internal, such as the educational farm. Pietro Celletti, owner of the farm has been taking care of his land for years, and one of the ways in which he continues to do so has been to create a space where children can experience "country life" for a day, touch and see with how we take care of animals and how the world in which the Celletti Farm lives works.

The educational farm houses a large number of animals, chickens, donkeys, pigs, sheep, raised from birth, with love, care and passion in complete respect for their nature.



Fattoria Celletti 
Via Canepiccia, 6 03018 Paliano (FR)

Tel 0775 577784 , 
+39 339 292 5062

mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FB @fattoriacelletti


 fattoria Didattica di Celletti a Paliano
Showcase created with the contribution of the Municipality of Paliano

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