Opera Bosco: the "natural" Museum of Calcata reopens

Opera Bosco: the "natural" Museum of Calcata reopens

Sunday 13 June the Opera Bosco open-air museum reopens, the flagship of the village of Calcata in the Province of Viterbo. A sensory journey that for years has made his works, created by Italian and international artists, part of the splendid nature of the Valle del Treja park.

An experience to be lived, where it will be possible to walk the natural paths created by works that blend with the ancient and the modern.

Guided tour of the path of new installations and the expansion of the wood that develops on the tufaceous plateau of Monticello

which stands out in the gorge of the Treja Valley in Calcata.

A site with millenary traces of the ancient culture of the inhabitants of these places, which transports into the imagination of scenarios and architecture

metaphorically returned from the installations of Art in Nature.

Walking the paths of Opera Bosco also means immersing yourself in a rich biodiversity that evokes the ancient primordial forests.


11.00 am welcome at the entrance of Opera Bosco, Località Colle, Calcata (Vt) (indicated on the Google map)
· 11.30 am guided tour of the path of installations and works carved into the boulders, an integral part of the landscape
· 1.00 pm tasting of products from the biodistrict

There is a lounge area where you can have a packed lunch.

Reservation for pre-registration by 11.00 on Saturday 12 June:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - WA 328 2769123

Admission with annual membership card: € 15.00

Admission reserved for members of the Opera Bosco Museum of Art in Nature

with card collected on the day of the event.

(trekking shoes are recommended)

Here everything turns upside down; it is art that contextualizes nature!

Opera Bosco Museum of Art in Nature was born twenty five years ago from the need to generate an ecological transition in the world of contemporary art, highlighting, with the power of art, the indispensability of the natural environment. The founding artist of Opera Bosco, Anne Demijttenaere, in collaboration with Costantino Morosin and other artists, traces the path and creates a system of installations of Art in Nature inaugurated and open to the public in 1996. A declination of the international movement of Art in Nature that revolutionizes the perception and sense of art.

An exhibition, recreational and educational museum itinerary on three hectares of wood in the gorge of the Treja Valley in Calcata. A laboratory museum where the artists, in the realization of the works, extend the concept of aesthetics to the ecosystem, using only the natural material of the forest. Biodegradable works that arise, for the most part, from the material obtained from the maintenance of the forest that becomes raw material for the realization of the works. Work of great environmental and social value that indicates a symbolic ecological path to production of total quality.

Ephemeral works therefore, which live more or less long, memorized with the digital techniques that allow their diffusion. Opera Bosco organizes guided seminar tours weekly, educational workshops with fine arts academies, artists and amateur groups annually. Program of shows and concerts that take place in the three outdoor amphitheaters inside the Museum.

Opera Bosco is a place and a modus that can be replicated in other natural environments, such as in Venice where, promoted by MIBACT, it participated in the 2014 Architecture Biennale exhibition, with the creation of installations on the Certosa Island and in 2015, with a monumental installation created collectively by five artists on the island of San Secondo.

INFO and reservations
WhatsApp: 328 276 9123

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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