Tarquinia - Festa della Merca by Piero Campagnucci
Tarquinia - Festa della Merca by Piero Campagnucci

Tarquinia. Festa della Merca

The Festa della Merca, or the "marking" of animals, is an event that traces the history and folklore of the Maremma traditions and its protagonists.

An event that for half a century has characterized the history of the village of Tarquinia and Tuscia and which also represents the entrance of the warm season and the rotation of all the natural processes of the earth.

The festival is organized with dedication by the Agricultural University of Tarquinia, which celebrates this tradition of immense cultural importance within the wide spaces of the Roccaccia complex.

The Festa della Merca in particular explores work and traditions of butteri (Italian cowboys) with a program of events and activities, which explore the relationship between knights and horses from various points of view.

Horseback riding, attacking competitions and Maremma work riding competitions, these are just some of the activities open to the whole family.

Especially for children who are able to approach the world of horse riding and riding in the Children's Village an area set up with lots of games and activities tailored to them.

During the two days of celebration it is possible to enjoy various varieties of local products in various stands and get to know their producers, in a relaxing day of good food immersed in one of the most beautiful villages of the Viterbo area.


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