Anzio. Beaches

The Anzio coastal area has several beaches, mostly used by residents and others for easy access. Among the most famous beaches are:

Beach of the Caves of Nero

This beach is located within an archaeological area where once stood the ancient imperial villa of Emperor Nero, who was born in Anzio. The caves represent the ancient area of the villa's warehouses and the landscape consists of a beach of light sand and a vertical rock wall in which the remains of the ancient Roman construction stand out.

Part of the villa was then submerged by the water and scattered remains can be seen plunging into the waters of the sea. Many of these remains have become a refuge for the flora and fauna giving rise to particular seascapes.

Tor Caldara Beach

This beach is located in front of the Tor Caldara Reserve established around a military watchtower. The reserve is home to many species of animals and a particular source of sulphurous thermal water of volcanic origin.
The beach has light sand and the spring is located in the sea just a few meters from the shore.

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