Santa Marinella. Walks to the sea: 24 km of beaches

The distance between the rocky beaches north of Santa Marinella and the sandy beaches south of Santa Teresa includes 24 km of coastline.

Sandy beaches run along one of the clearest seas north of Rome: for this reason it is called 'the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea' and is much loved.

The beaches are equipped with deckchairs, umbrellas and reception services and the stretch of beach in the Majorca Park is characterized by terraced-type stilts that have a characteristic pier ouy towards the sea.

On these piers small boats are moored and the complex appears very characteristic and picturesque to the point that it is a typical representation of Santa Marinella.

It enjoys a particularly pleasant climate due to the geographical position and the protection of the Tolfa Mountains which stop the cold winds from the north and thus prolong the pleasure of the bathing season.

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