View of Paliano
View of Paliano

Garden Delicacies

The beauty of the Paliano countryside is as famous as its biodiversity and it is precisely this variety that enriches the scents of crops such as that of Graziella Neccia.

Graziella grows vegetables without a greenhouse in the Mole di Paliano area and on her farm you can find seasonal and field vegetables.

You have chosen not to cultivate in greenhouses to maintain a direct relationship with the earth and the seasons and to benefit from the natural biodiversity of the area.

Going in spring to see the gardens of Paliano is a real sensory experience of colors and scents. And as a sign of the richness of the area, you can find yourself surrounded by butterflies and bees.

You can find Graziella Neccia's greens and vegetables in the Paliano shops and at the Sisa supermarket.

Graziella Neccia 

Tel +39 333 187 9484





Seasonal Vegetables  in Paliano

Garden Delicacies

Vetrina promossa dal Comune di Paliano

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