The good life around the Lake of Nemi and its pleasures

The good life around the Lake of Nemi and its pleasures

Spend a different kind of Sunday in Nemi and its fascinating lake hidden inside the Castelli Romani Park, a small oasis of peace so close to the capital.

This enchanted village is one of those places where the hands of time seem to have stopped. Above the clear waters of the lake of Nemi surrounded by the nature of the sacred wood of the goddess Diana, the village emerges on a spur at a height of a bit over 300 meters above sea level.

The lake of Nemi and its forests have always inspired man to respect nature and its link with it. But the beauty and sacred nature of the place are not the only elements that characterize its fame.

Good food and the genuineness of local products have their social relevance and, to frame this pleasant scenario with local pleasures, check out a good glass of the renowned Fragolino wine, accompanied by a cup of strawberries with cream, from the local crops. In this way life around the lake of Nemi can take on a truly invaluable value.

Living in Nemi becomes a 'choice', as well as an excellent investment to rediscover the well-being and a more human dimension, alone, with friends or with the whole family.

In particular, the microclimate should be noticed, which with its moderate temperatures has always favoured cultivation in the area. The pleasant climate encourages local agriculture and, not least, the presence of some sources of drinking water, which make Nemi a coveted place to live and visit.

Over time, the constancy of the locals has certainly been essential for the growth of this small town. For centuries, in fact, the local populations have collected the seedlings of the strawberries in the undergrowth and have transplanted them in the terraced farms of the slopes of the lake, thus allowing a lush cultivation of the fruit, and the development of this activity. (This is the reason why the wild strawberry is the typical product of excellence in Nemi).

Nemi has been chosen since ancient times by the major Roman families as a summer residence, so it has become the hub of good life, good food and contact with nature. Today, it is still chosen for the same reasons.

Lovers of the 'green lifestyle' can choose to take a trip out of town or have a short escape from the chaos of the city metropolis or even just to go in a desperate search for a breath of magic in timeless Nemi

Her beauties, therefore, continue to enchant and fascinate young and old, with its aroma of lavender that emanates through the streets of the village.

Nemi still allows us to dream compared to those who, too often, have forgotten the formula for doing so.