High Mountains with Mists Produce Good Teas--Duyun Maojian in Guizhou

High Mountains with Mists Produce Good Teas--Duyun Maojian in Guizhou

Emperor Huizong of Song dinasty was a tea lover. In the opening chapter of Great View of Tea he said:

"As for tea, it collects the essence and anima of mountains and rivers of Zhejiang Oujiang River basin and southeastern of Fujian area. It embodies the beauty of nature."

The ancients believed that places endowed with the fine spirits of the universe and the unique natural environment are particularly suitable for rare and high-quality tea production.

As the saying goes "high mountains with mists produce good teas". High forest coverage, rich animal and plant resources, and healthy ecological environment are indispensable natural conditions for top-grade tea.

Therefore, the top ten tea of China all come from scenic areas.

As the core area of the origin of tea trees, tea trees have been growing in Guizhou as early as 1 million years ago. Qiannan Prefecture is located in the central and southern part of Guizhou Province and the south side of the Miaoling Mountains. It is surrounded by mountains and covered by warm white mist all the year round.

The Duyun Maojian Tea, one of the top ten tea of China, grows here and goes to the world from here.

It is moistened by rain and dew before the Qingming Festival and nourished by mists in the mountains. This is what creates the unduplicated quality of Duyun Maojian Tea. This tea is slender and curly like a "fishhook", with a delicate and elegant fragrance, green color and full of white pekoe.

The aromatic flavor is diffused in the bright green tea liquid when it is brewed. When carefully drink it, one can feel fresh taste lingering in the mouth like sweet rain.

Tested by authoritative departments, the contents of such aqueous extracts as theanine, tea polyhenols and protein in Duyun Maojian were 47.3%, 3.8% and 32.3% respectively, which were all higher than the national green tea standard.

Tea leaves

It is a top-grade green tea product. Mr. Zhuang Wanfang, the doyen in the tea industry, praised it with poetry: "Aromatic tea buds growing in Duyun, as good as Longjing and Biluochun...!”

A tributed tea for thousand-year, it won the gold medal for one-hundred-year. Duyun Maojian tea has always been a tribute tea to the imperial court. On the Yunwu Tea Mountain in Qiannan, there is still an imperial tribute tea monument.

As one of the most famous name companies of Guizhou tea, Duyun Maojian has enjoyed a hundred years brand history. In 1915, Duyun Maojian and Kweichow Moutai both won the Gold Medal at the Panama Pacific International Expo. 

In 1956, Chairman Mao personally named it “Maojian Tea” after tasting it.

In 1982, it was named as "China's Top Ten Famous Teas" and in 2010, it was selected into China Shanghai World Expo top ten famous teas.

In 2017, it was selected as "China's Top Ten Regional Public Tea Brands" and then it was awarded China Geographic Indication Mark of "Top Ten National Green Agriculture Tea Brands".

Finally, in 2020, it has been included in the protected list of China-Europe Agreement on Geographical Indications.

In the past 100 years, Duyun Maojian has won more than 100 world-class and national-level awards. With the witnesses of time, Duyun Maojian left behind a cup of fresh taste.

Clean tea produced in pure nature.

As early as ten years ago, Duyun Maojian Tea broke through the “green barriers” set by the European Union for detecting residual pesticides with its pure natural, pollution-free green quality.

It successfully entered the EU market showing the world a green, ecological, healthy and safe tea.

In recent years, Qiannan Prefecture has promoted the construction of European standardized tea gardens, strengthening the total supervision of tea from the plantation to the final product.

The quality and safety of tea in Qiannan Prefecture ranks among the top in China and the tea industry has become a pillar industry helping poverty alleviation and boosting rural revitalization.

"Sitting in a small house on the mountain waiting for the moon to rise, a cup of tea is good enough to serve to a bosom friend."

Praterie di Guizhou

A small piece of Maojian tea contains the eager expectation of people in this ethnic minority areas to make friends by tea.

A cup of tea conveys the appeal of Qiannan people to "bring harmony through tea" and the concept of "equality, inclusiveness, mutual learning and sharing".

Tea is a cultural factor flowing in the blood of Qiannan people, and tea culture is an important medium for the spread of Qiannan spirit to the world.

Nowadays, Duyun Maojian Tea, is a treasure in Guizhou Plateau and is showing its charm. It is loved by more and more international friends.

Raccolta tè cinese a Guizhou

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