Ready for 2022, what will this year of the Tiger be like?

Ready for 2022, what will this year of the Tiger be like?

 We are entering a new year according to the Chinese lunar calendar, the Year of the Tiger. But what will this new year bring and what will it be like? Let's find out together.

Special attention to all those born in 2010, 1998, 1986, 1974, 1962, 1950 because this is their 本命年, Běnmìngnián, the year of birth corresponding to their sign.

According to the Chinese horoscope, a person's characteristics are derived from the sign of the zodiac and the element associated with the year of birth.

If you were born under this sign, you might think that the Year of the Tiger is your time to shine, but it is actually the opposite. Traditionally, the year of a zodiac sign is the unluckiest for those of the same sign.

But there is always a silver lining.

The year of the tiger is one in which all signs have to pursue their passions, like a tiger, but tigers know how to go big or go home better than most. We can be rewarded for the risks we are willing to take.

Buon anno della Tigre

 The Tiger is the third sign of the Chinese horoscope and embodies strength, courage and impulsiveness. It is often untamable and impetuous: two traits that bode well for a year full of "twists and turns".

According to the theory of the elements, all Chinese zodiac signs are cyclically associated with one of the 5 elements: Gold (Metal), Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. The year 2022 is the year of the Water Tiger and occurs once every 60 years.

Water years bring out our emotions more than any other element. Water tigers are family-oriented and have wonderful interpersonal relationships.

What will this year of the Tiger be like?

If the Year of the Rat (2020) was about survival and the Year of the Ox (2021) was about anchoring in a new reality, the Year of the Tiger will be about big changes.



This will be a year of risk and adventure. We are regaining enthusiasm, both for ourselves and for others. Everyone is enthusiastic, generosity is at an all-time high and social progress seems possible again.

The Tiger is associated with Yang (masculine, active) energy. Tigers do things their own way and hate being told what to do. Expect things to change rapidly this year. Sudden disruptions in career, love and family life should be expected.

Some of us will prosper by taking big leaps, while others may not have this positive response. This means that we need to keep our egos in check more.

Although this is not the ideal year for the Tiger, this year will be great for horses (who prioritize freedom over everything), pigs (who are pragmatic but driven by pleasure) and dogs (who are fiercely loyal).

On the other hand, monkeys (who are driven by intellect rather than action) and snakes (who like to strategise in secret) may have a harder time this year.

So be prepared for big change, taking risks and going with the flow of things to come.

Be ready to live a little longer and embrace change.


Written by:
Alessia Di Donna

Alessia Di Donna is a student of the master's degree course in "Oriental Languages and Civilizations", Chinese curriculum. She has always been passionate about the Oriental world especially about...

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