‘And God Created Woman’ & Brigitte Bardot

‘And God Created Woman’ & Brigitte Bardot

As I turned from childhood into teenage prepubescence, my mind got way ahead of my body, and I dreamed longingly of voluptuous women.

And who came into my life?

Through a recently acquired art book near nude photos of the greatest sex-siren of the 20th century, Brigitte Bardot. Yes, subsequently I have fallen head over heals for other beautiful ladies, but the period of pubescence is a very special time for a young man, when all things are driven by testosterone and the consequential search for naked women, so the first heroine has a special place.

I suffered no jealousy until I became a devotee of BB. But forever more I suffered terribly from jealousy of Roger Vadim. Roger was the first husband of Brigitte, ‘stealing’ her from her parents in her teenage years. He was also the writer and director of the movie from which some of the stills that thrilled me arose. That movie – ‘And God Created Woman’.

Tales have it that his leading lady may have taken her role quite seriously as a sex siren in the arms of other men. Wikipedia reports in its summary of the movie, that Bosley Crowther, the film critic for The New York Times, found Brigitte Bardot attractive. He wrote, "Bardot moves herself in a fashion that fully accentuates her charms. She is undeniably a creation of superlative craftsmanship.” A delicate way of describing her natural charms.

There is one particular image from ‘And God Created Woman’ that remained with me through the past more than 50 years. It is of BB laying on her back across the mattress on an iron bedstead with her lover across her breasts and the sheet delicately dabbed atop her mons Venus. In my approaching dotage I now find this scene quite artistic.

Well, why this reminiscence? September 28, is the birthday of Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot. She knows not how much pleasure she unleashed on me and countless other men those many years ago, but we remember, so, thanks for the memories.

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